IT services disruption from 02 Dec 2011 to 5 Dec 2011

Dear students,

As part of our move to the new campus at the permanent site, IT dept will also be moving the IT infrastructure equipments as well. There will be downtime from all school network and server services from 2 Dec 2011 (Fri) 12.00pm to 5th Dec 2011 (Mon) 7.00am.

During this period, all services will be affected, except for SST's internet webpage and student's blog. (Student's Google's Email/Apps and Parent's portal will also be affected). During this period, the school will post any urgent messages/annoucement to the student blog instead.

In addition, students are advised not to return to the existing school campus after the system downtime as the school will be moving over to the new site and there will be no wireless connection for use at the existing campus.

If you experience any technical difficulty in accessing the IT services after the downtime period, please email us at

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your kind understanding.

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