Safety Poster / Badge design competition

SST is organizing a Safety Poster and Badge Design Competition to create awareness and inspire people to know the Safety Policy of SST.

Design Competition 1 (Individual) : Badge Design
One submission per student

The design must 1) promote Safety Awareness
                            2) Attractive Design
                            3) Vibrance & Colourful

Details of submission: Include Name, class, design brief (description)
Total of 3 prizes for this Category
Submitted by 15 July 2011

Click LINK to download the template (please download the powerpoint template for your design)

Design Competition 2 (Team) : Poster Design
One submission per Team, Students can only be a member of 1 Team

Theme: Safety Awareness
The slogan "Safety begins with me" must be explicit included into the design
Design should not be too abstract
The message of Safety begins with me must be conveyed
Using template downloadable from the student blog, the designs and images used must not cover the school logos

Details of submission: Include Team Name, Team Member Name, class, design brief (description)
Total of 5 prizes for this category
Submitted by 29 July 2011

Click LINK to download the template (please download the powerpoint template for your design)

Other Rules and Regulations are as follows:
1. Safety Committee members and teachers may be approached for general safety advice (but not help on the actual submission).
2. Please submit your designs to
3. The highest-ranking photo/posters may be made into SST Safety & Health Policy Posters. Hence by entering the contest, you agree to grant SST the right to publish your photo posters / design (note: published posters may be modified as and when required).
4. Names of the winners and their accompanying winning photo posters will be announced during one of the assembly.
5. Should there be discrepancies or plagiarism discovered, SST reserves the right to disqualify the winner and forfeit the prize.
6. The above rules are subject to change without any notice.

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