Parent-Teacher Meeting 2011 June-July

Dear Students

In end-May, your parents received the Common Test Result slips via email.
In the email, your parents have been informed that that 1st Semester result slips (issued with the report books) will be issued on the 30 June & 8 July for Sec 2 and Sec 1 respectively. They will attend the Principal's talk in the evening.

Your parents were also invited to sign up for sessions to meet up with the Subject Teachers.
It will coincide with the day when the Principal Talk takes place.

 Date Event Description
 Secondary 1 8 July 2011 Friday Parent-Teacher Meeting
 Principal's Talk 
 Meet up with Teacher(s) for discussion
 Talk in the hall at 6.30 pm
 Secondary 2 30 June 2011 Thursday Parent-Teacher Meeting
 Sec 3 Course Options Briefing
 Meet up with Teacher(s) for discussion
 Attend briefing in the hall at 7 pm

For more details and registration, click at the following GoogleSite:

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