Let's Name Our Own SST Street!

SST will be moving to our permanent site by the end of this year and we have the wonderful privilege to name a street.

We are inviting you to contribute your ideas. The student behind the winning entry gets the honour of having named a street in Singapore! (* This is not a competition and no prizes will be awarded).

Please read through the guidelines provided and submit your entry by 16 March 2011 (Wed).

Guidelines on Naming Streets
• A street must be at least 60 metres long to qualify for a name.
• No street shall be named after a living person.
• The use of ‘Lorong’ and ‘Jalan’ is to be avoided.

Some Consideration Factors
• Location of the street
• Nature of the developments served
• Historical background of the area
• Physical attributes of the street e.g. length, width, configuration
• Ease of identifying the location by the public

General Principles
• Hierarchy (in descending order):
Boulevard > Avenue > Way > Highway > Road > Street > Drive > Walk > Lane
• Link – for road linkages
• Close – for cul-de-sac roads
• Loop/Crescent/Ring Road – for curved roads
• Heights/Rise – can be used selectively for roads located on higher grounds

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