Activity 2: Getting to know places with Google Maps

Objective of this activity
1. To use Google Maps to get useful information for planning
2. To create a personalised map

(a) Using Google Maps: For beginners, watch the following videoclip before getting started

Source: Google. (2009, December 06). Introduction to Google Maps Singapore with Traffic & Transit [video file]. Retrieved from

Useful resources
Your Task 2a
1. Using Google Maps, find out the suggested route(s) from your home to SST.
2. Apart from the suggested routes, what other information does Google Maps provide that helps you plan your journey to school?
3. How useful and reliable do you think are the information that Google Maps provide?

(b) Personalising Google maps: For beginners, watch the following videoclip before getting started

Source: Google. (2009, December 06). How to create a "My Map" in Google Maps [video file]. Retrieved from
Your Task 2b
1. Using Google Maps, create a map on ONE of the following:
  • (a) Some places that you been to, in Singapore, during this school vacation; or
  • (b) Some places that you been to overseas
2. Your personalised map should have the following:
  • At least 3 landmarks/places marked on the map.
  • For each landmark/place, there should be at least one image and a brief description.
3. Generate the code of the map and embed it into a post in your blog (created in the previous activity). Provide your post with a name and briefly share what you did in the place(s) you visited.
Here's a an example of how your personalised map will look like when embedded in the post.

View Some Places in a larger map
Something to Ponder...

  1. If the map were to reflect several places to be visited in a day, how do we enhance the personalised map so that it could be used like an itinerary?
  2. How could two or more of us collaborate on the same map?
If you need to clarify anything about this task, or need help to complete the above, enter the questions under "COMMENTS". Remember to sign off with your name so that we can respond accordingly. Anonymous questions will not be entertained.

Enquiry 1: Embedding Map in Blog Post

  • How to use Google Maps to map out the routes for than 2 locations?
  • How different are the suggested routes for Location A to Location B, and vice versa?


  1. Are we supposed to post both of the maps(task 2a and 2b) or only task 2b's map? Thank you

  2. @ Toby

    You would respond to both Tasks 2a & 2b.


  3. How do I get a photo from the web album for taask 2b

  4. @sean

    To insert an image in the googlemap, you will need to upload it in an online repository like PICASA (which could be logged in using the Blogger account).
    Copy the location of the image (when it's in PICASA) and paste the URL in the field that prompted for the URL of the image.


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  6. @ Mason

    Hi, you've removed your post?
    Hm... I guess you have found the way to post the stuff up?

    Ms Loh

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  8. when i copied the google map into blogger,the link was broken.
    i can't embed the map into blogger

  9. @Kevin: Did you remember to change the editing area to "Edit HTML" before you put in the HTML?

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  11. @Ms Loh

    I have tried Picasa but to no avail. Any help?They just show a question mark. Should I skip the pictures and continue?

  12. should i make the map unlisted or public?

  13. Do we have to answer the questions in 2a by blogging?

  14. press the delete icon next to your post after signing in

  15. @MuhdAdil

    You should make your map public for this activity. You should be able to change the settings afterwards so no worries.

  16. @Jing Yi

    Yes, you should answer 2a through blogging. :)

  17. When i pasted the HTML on the blog after clicking edit HTML, nothing happened.

  18. @Adil

    Well I'm not very sure about that, because when we are required to do this, I just put the link up on the blog as a hyperlink to the actual map. Maybe you can do that too?